3Playtopia Revolutionizes Travel Industry with Strategic Partnership with EU Holidays, Pioneering the Future of Travel Experiences

3Playtopia, a travel company committed to redefining the way people experience the world, proudly announces its strategic partnership with EU Holidays, a leading provider of premium travel in Singapore. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of travel and tourism, ushering in a new era of unparalleled adventure and exploration for global travelers.

"Last quarter of 2023, the strategic partnership between EU Holidays and 3Playtopia was formed," stated Alicia Seah, Co-founder of 3Playtopia. "Through this partnership, we are introducing a new online platform targeting a niche segment of travelers, whether solo explorers or groups of friends and families seeking adventure travel experiences to explore off the beaten tracks."

3Playtopia's platform caters to travelers interested in destinations such as Nakasendo, Japan; the mountains of Taiwan; the vast landscapes of Tanzania's Serengeti; Central America, including Costa Rica; Patagonia, and more. "Our platform is designed for travelers who are too busy to plan or lack travel buddies," added Seah. "3Playtopia builds a community-based platform that allows travellers to curate and organize trips for others to join, creating fresh and inspiring itineraries specifically designed for like-minded communities, offering hassle-free, customized adventures."

With the partnership from EU Holidays, 3Playtopia aims to tap into each other's strengths and resources to elevate the company to new heights, offering new sales and service touchpoints to an ever more diverse and global customer base with evolving travel and buying patterns.

"EU Holidays has a diversified portfolio, this involves EU Holidays investing in many different types of travel segments. It's a strategy that aims to prepare us better for the future as different types of travel evolve over time.

Through our strategic partnership with 3Playtopia, we are leveraging their expertise to digitalize part of our operations, particularly targeting the younger demographic known for their digital savviness. This initiative aligns with our commitment to remaining pertinent and accessible in an increasingly digital world, ensuring that we consistently address the changing preferences of travelers.

In partnership with 3Playtopia, we believe in the power of community and collaboration to transform the travel experience. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize the travel industry. By joining forces, we can now offer our customers an unparalleled selection of immersive journeys," shared Mr. Alan Ang Wee Tat, Managing Director of EU Holidays.